Hookway Charcoal Retort

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Welcome to the home of the Hookway Charcoal Retort.

Having designed this retort I realised that it filled a gap in the market for a small, portable, easy to fire and environmentally friendly way of producing charcoal in reasonable quantities.

Its portability means that it can be taken to heavy and bulky raw materials which eliminates the need to transport them.

The reason it is environmentally friendly is because it burns unto 95% of its smoke therefore cutting down on particulates being put into the atmosphere.

To fire the retort you use minimal wood to fire it. It is not complicated to fire, so any material put in the retort will not become ash.

It is intended for anyone who requires a regular supply of top quality charcoal, from black smiths to small businesses and from eco gardeners to the serious barbequer!

You can buy sets of plans so you can build your own retort or you can buy a stainless steel retort ready to go.

– James Hookway

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Hookway Retort | Charcoal Making